101 in 1001

I’m a firm believer in setting goals. I think it’s helpful in remembering why you’re doing something, and it enables you to have something to measure your success against. I’ve seen several other photographers have a list of goals and frequently post about them on their blogs, and I’m truly inspired by this. There’s definitely accountability when you lay it all out there for everyone to see!

I’ve decided to take a similar approach and share my own list of goals. Now, I love lists. But making this list has been really difficult! Somehow, putting pen to paper (or, I guess just typing on my computer) makes these goals all the more real. These are things I actually want to accomplish. And I’m slightly afraid that some of these goals are completely ridiculous. But…I’m still putting them down. Many of these goals are related to my photography business, and a few are more personal. I’m going to try to complete this list of 101 goals (well, at the start, I only have 81 – I’m giving myself permission to add more as I go) in the next 1001 days. That means, I have until January 24, 2014 to complete them. That sounds so far away! Like Melissa, who inspired me to do this, I’m going to give myself the chance to revise to this list, and also add to it. A lot can happen in 2.5 years, so I’m leaving some space for that. I’ll make sure to blog about them along the way as I complete them, and you can cheer me on!


Start Date: April 29, 2011

End Date: January 24, 2014

1. Improve my product packaging.   Completed August 20th, 2011
2. Develop a new client kit.   Completed August 22nd, 2011
3. Write an article about how to choose the right wedding photographer.  Completed May 1, 2012
4. Organize my archived photo sessions in a way that makes more sense.
5. Have a wedding published in a local magazine.
6. Participate in a photography workshop.   Completed February 29, 2012
7. Train for, and run my second 1/2 marathon.
8. Read 5 books that will help my business (and maybe do a review of them on the blog!)
9. Plant more perennials in our garden.
10. Share more of my personality and who I am through my writing on this blog.
11. Do a vintage-styled senior portrait shoot, complete with period clothing, make-up, props, and a car.
12. Join the PPA. Completed April 2012
13. Make a list of tips for getting the best wedding photos.
14. Share more about my post-processing.   Completed May 2011.  And again in November 2011.
15. Attend a Chicago Cubs baseball game with my husband at Wrigley Field.
16. Go camping with friends.
17. Contact previous clients, and ask them to write reviews for my website.  Completed 8.2013
18. Upgrade my camera equipment – specifically, get a rockin’ prime lens, preferably the 85 mm 1.4–  First half completed 5.3.2011
19. Have my website & blog professionally designed.  Completed fall 2013
20. Stick with my branding & logo, but perhaps refine it.   Complete refine and redesign in April 2012.  
21. Teach a photography class.  Completed October, 2011.
22. Photograph a major public event.
23. Get to know my clients more personally.   Completed summer 2011
24. Get a posing beanbag for newborn sessions, or refill my current sad-looking one.
25. Go on an over-seas mission trip.
26. Second shoot a wedding with another photographer.  Completed May 7, 2011   Worked with Allison throughout 2011.
27. Network more with wedding vendors.   Helped host a local wedding fair in 2011 and 2013.
28. Scout out several more unique locations for portrait sessions.
29. Purchase and play with Kubota actions.
30. Re-read Getting Things Done once a year.
31. Develop and send date night kits to wedding clients
32. Develop a feedback form for clients after their wedding or session.   Completed February 2012.
33. Participate in a Des Moines out of town bridal show.   Completed January 12, 2014
34. Attend WPPI.
35. Have my own “studio” space for the occasional indoor session.
36. Experiment more with flash photography during portrait sessions.  Completed October, 2011
37. Visit friends from college in Boston and New England.   Completed September 2011 for Patrick & Leah’s wedding!
38. Attend my 10 year high school reunion. Won’t be able to make it because of a wedding.
39. Photograph a local sporting event.
40. Submit above sport photos to newspaper for publishing.
41. Do a photoshop mentor session with another photographer.    Completed February 2012 during the Kitchen Sink Workshop.
42. Visit Hawaii.
43. Learn how to make cheese cake.  Success!  Made delicious raspberry coconut cheesecake for Easter!
44. Design and print our honeymoon album.
45. Visit a local vineyard and do a wine tasting.
46. Have our portraits taken again!  Completed fall 2012
47. Go to the local drive-in for a movie.   Multiple times!
48. Host friends from church for a back yard barbecue.
49. Decorate my “new” office space.  
50. Give away a free wedding photography package to someone who really deserves it.
51. Blog every day for a month.
52. Send anniversary cards to past wedding clients, and develop a gift too!
53. Refine my post-processing workflow so I can deliver images even quicker than I promise clients.
54. Photograph my sister and her husband with their adorable dog Max.
55. Upgrade my cell phone to a smartphone. I’m eyeing the iPhone… Completed July, 2011
56. Replace my laptop with a desktop computer, more suitable for photo editing.  Completed March 2011.
57. Photograph a destination wedding.  Photographed two Wisconsin weddings – kind of a destination for me!
58. Learn how to bake gluten-free bread.
59. Buy more local food and produce.
60. Visit my parents condo in the Teton’s in the summer.
61. Update my wardrobe.
62. Finish my France scrapbook…from 8 years ago!
63. Find a better bag for carrying my photography gear around.  LOVE my ThinkTank and ShootSac.  Perfect combo.
64. Start a fine art photography website.
65. Play the piano twice a week for a month.
66. Invest in a better macro lens.  Completed June 10, 2011
67. Host a yard sale.
68. Photograph a twin newborn session.
69. Create a more customized facebook page.   Completed  March 2012.
70. Travel to Europe.
71. Send a card to a friend, “just because.”
72. Create some kind of unique thank you gift for clients.
73. Learn how to display PDFs in flipbooks online. Completed Dec 8, 2011.
74. Spend a day shooting photos just for me.
75. Pray at the beginning of the day more regularly.
76. Learn how to plant and keep herbs indoors over the winter.  Haven’t learned, but I have done it!
77. Be able to do one pull-up unassisted.
78. Post on a photography forum twice a week for a month.   Easily completed in Nov, 2011!
79. Photograph my grandparents.
80. Display some of my family or newborn photography at a clinic or hospital.
81. Do more specific marketing in Des Moines.  Joined the Bridal Forum and Your Wedding Iowa for advertising.
82. Be as eco-friendly as possible as a photographer.  Completed Oct 18, 2011
83. Collaborate with more local businesses.
84. Attend Amanda Holloway’s Kitchen Sink workshop.  Completed February 2012.
85.  Learn more about creative off-camera lighting for weddings.
86.  Travel more!
87.  Do a styled wedding shoot and submit for publication.
88.  Pray and discern where to donate some money from my business.
89.  Join PPA and/or WPPI.
90.  Visit a spa for a day of pampering.  December 2013
91.  Play regularly on our churches worship team.
92.  Create a fun blog series that showcases something I’m passionate about.
93.  Find a client management solution I love!  Pixifi!  Spring 2012


Here it goes…



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