Day: August 12, 2022

Irishman Acres’ Clover Barn Des Moines Wedding | Michelle + Cory

Irishman Acres’ Clover Barn Des Moines Wedding | Michelle + Cory irishman clover barn wedding

If you are from Des Moines and love the outdoors, you may have ridden your bike along the Chichaqua Valley Trail and seen a wedding happening at the Irishman Acres Clover Barn. That is exactly what Michelle + Cory did in the early days of dating. “We chose this venue because it is right next to the Chichaqua Valley Trail where we liked to ride our bikes together when we first started dating. Several times when we would be riding, I would see a wedding happening at the barn and I just knew that someday that would be us. So when he asked me to marry him, I knew that’s where I wanted the wedding to be!” said Michelle.
Michelle said her vision for the day had always been something romantic and timeless. “I don’t like things to be too ‘overdone’ and my worst fear is looking back at my photos in 20 years and feeling cringy about the styles and fads. At the same time, I think I am still choosing to incorporate some of the current wedding fads anyway, lol. But I think the reason my decorating scheme is so simple is that I want the emphasis to be on the people (and us) and not on the fancy decorations. I want to concentrate on the celebration and the time with our loved ones.”


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