5 Things I’ll Never Photograph Again

I’ve kind of seen it all. You only really need to stop by awkward family photos (their website is hysterical!) or look back to early digital effects to know what I mean. Even though you’re never supposed to say never, I’m about to. Here’s a fun and honest list from me of stuff you’ll never see me shoot again.

1. Crotch shots
Why on earth do photographers think this is appropriate? Even if a guy is holding a football or something, you just don’t ever do this. Guy or girl, it’s just not cool. Legs together, or find a different shot, plain and simple. I shudder anytime I see this.

2. Fake lightening
Or really, fake anything. I’m just not a fan. And unless you’re a really gifted graphic artist or have obscene amounts of time, it doesn’t usually look real anyways. I prefer classic and, well…real.

3. Train Tracks
It’s illegal, dangerous, and frankly, overdone. I turn down every request for the first two reasons, but I also try to encourage seniors to find more original ideas whenever possible.

4. Sports composites
Now, this isn’t necessarily because I don’t like them. Some sports composites are quite well done and look great. I do think that someday, these will be quite dated. And it’s no coincidence that on my senior surveys, this is one thing I hear A LOT of seniors say they don’t like. But really, it’s just not really my thing. I’d much prefer to take a cool sports shot you’d see in an editorial, than the same shot of you with all your jerseys and playing soccer or whatever superimposed on top that I’ve seen a dozen times. Make it interesting and original, that’s my goal.

5. Replicas
I sometimes have seniors bring in photos of shots they really like, asking me to recreate them. Now, I love Pinterest and inspiration, but I also love when a senior both trust my creative skills and brings their own style and look to their session. Being a copycat just isn’t for me!

There you have it! What things would you add to the list?

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