Beth & Caleb’s Grinnell College Wedding

Saying I have a “favorite” kind of wedding is sort of like a parent saying they have a favorite child – it’s just not something you would say as a wedding photographer!  But if I really was forced to choose, it would have to be Grinnell College alumni weddings.  Grinnell has a very unique student culture, and so it’s no wonder that a very large percentage of graduates end up marrying other Grinnellians.  For Beth and Caleb, it all started when they met through their mutual love of ultimate frisbee.  Their friendship grew into love, and slowly but surely, the romance began.  I loved hearing all the different stories and accounts of Beth & Caleb’s early dating days at Grinnell during their wedding toasts, from awkward sit down conversations with fellow ultimate team captains to share about the start of their relationship, to a failed first date to the local ice cream shop.  Well, it didn’t fail really – the date happened, it just wasn’t open!  Only in Grinnell! Ha ha!  Their relationships has been so sweet (pun intended!) from the very beginning!  It was a joy to capture their day.  Congrats to Beth & Caleb!

Their entire wedding day, from getting ready all the way through to the very end, was held at Grinnell College.  We even got read in one of the dorms literally RIGHT behind my house!  I joked that I could not have had a MORE local wedding than this one!

Beth’s sister, Marie, assembled all of their florals!  So beautiful!

When the bride and groom exchange hand written notes, you know it’s going to be a wonderful day!

Each of Beth’s bridesmaids received a unique tote bag chosen specifically for them from Raygun, which is a whitty and fun Des Moines based business that has the BEST t-shirts, apparel, and SO much more!  Sefon is about to start grad school in Iowa, and this bag had all sorts of funny Iowa puns.

When that last minute “splurge” on matching sunglasses truly pays off – ha!

The whole gang – BOTH sides of the family!

When you have a couple that’s SUPER excited about getting married, you get the shot on the right 🙂

grinnell college weddinggrinnell college alumni wedding

When I first started chatting with Caleb & Beth about their wedding, they were REALLY hoping to have an outdoor ceremony held on Mac Field, where they had spent many hours tossing a frisbee during their time at Grinnell.  Unfortunately for them, Mac Field has been literally torn apart to install some geothermal units and there are HUGE mounds of dirt, chain link fences, and well…not really any good place for a wedding ceremony.  I was bummed FOR them because Mac Field and Gates Tower are fairly iconic for Grinnell.  Beth and Caleb were so gracious, though, and were just as excited to get married in a small little spot on East Campus that had the most perfect light.  They couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous July day for their wedding!

outdoor grinnell college wedding

One special thing for me was getting to reconnect with an old college friend, Daniel!  We both went to Colby College together.  Daniel is married to Beth’s sister, Marie.  Small world, right?  And he gave the homily at their wedding!  I’d have to say it’s the first and only time I’ve seen Harry Potter themes, ultimate frisbee, and the love of Jesus, all woven together in a cohesive thesis – well done, Daniel!  Though, I expected nothing less 🙂

After their outdoor ceremony, everyone gathered at the Harris Center for their reception.  Guests had a fun art project to make their own name cards, which I loved!

The best guest favor and wedding prop I’ve ever seen – love these!  Their good friend did the illustration on the frisbee based on a photo of Beth & Caleb.  They were amazing!

Hardly ever do I have photos taken of me on wedding days ON PURPOSE, but this was one I requested.  So good to catch up with you, Daniel, even if it was brief!

This was perhaps the most terrifying photo I’ve ever taken.  Nothing like being the target practice for flying objects!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

I’m fairly certain Beth & Caleb’s wedding will go down in history as the one with the most toasts!  But they were ALL good!  You can tell that they are loved by many, and that they have shown their love to many.

The best way to end a wonderful reception:  a kiss from your new spouse, surrounded by your best friends and closest family.  It was a fun reception!

Congrats to Beth & Caleb!  I hope you enjoyed your first married date at Dari Barn 🙂




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