Black Friday Deals for Photographers

Every year, I am on the hunt for good deals for photography gear and software that I need.  If you’re anything like me, your email inbox was inundated with coupon codes and sales yesterday and today.  It’s overwhelming how Black Friday has become an entire WEEK now!  I thought I’d share some of my favorite black friday deals for photographers – things that are on my list, or might be on yours!    Some of these are personal recommendations based on things I actually use, some are items I need more of, and some are just general suggestions.  Have fun shopping!  Click images and links to go straight to the best deals.


Lots of people ask me what camera they should buy, and if I were to put my money on it, I would bet that within the next 3-5 years, most pro portrait and wedding photographers will make the switch to some kind of mirrorless system.  DSLRs are going to be on their way out, though not completely gone. So….take that for whatever its worth as you shop 😉

Nikon D750

This is the camera that was part in our gear bag for the last 5 years until I upgraded last year to a D850 and D5.  It is an AMAZING camera for the price.  RUN to get this camera if you’re thinking of buying a DSLR this year.

Nikon Z6

Nikon’s new mirrorless!   Save $300!

Nikon Z7

Yet another Nikon mirrorless, beefed up a bit.  Pretty good Black Friday savings too!

Looking for Canon or Sony recommendations?  I’ve got those too!

Canon Mark 4 with Grip

This is better than if you buy the camera alone – it’s actually cheaper, AND you get the grip too.


Canon R Mirrorless

This camera looks incredible!


Sony a7 III

If I ever jump ship from Nikon, it would be for Sony.  They are ahead of the game with their cameras and mirrorless.  This camera is awesome.



Lenses are just as important as cameras, and I think it’s worth saving up for good glass.  There aren’t usually as many good deals on lenses for black Friday, but I found a few, plus these are just some good options even if you don’t want a good deal!

Sigma ART 35mm for Nikon

Sigma Art 35mm for Canon

Sigma ART 50mm for Nikon
Sigma ART 50mm for Canon


Flash & Lighting Gear

I exclusively use Paul C Buff gear in the studio, and Godox flashes for on the road at weddings.  You may be bale to find some other deals and coupons for these both, but I’ve listed a few things below.  MagMod is having some incredible Black Friday Deals too – make sure you check those out!

Godox V860-ii Flash – Nikon Version

Our main flash at weddings – we have 4 of these and they are incredible!

Click for Canon Version 
Sony Version

Godox Softbox

This is on my list to buy for this year!


Reflector – a great 5-in-1 reflector that’s relatively inexpensive.


MagMod is a company that makes some of the coolest flash modifiers I’ve ever seen.  Made of flexible rubber like material, they are heavy duty, yet light weight, won’t break, and everything works with their magnet system, far better than any other system I’ve seen.  Click the link above to be taken for their latest deals!

General Photography Stuff

There’s LOTS of deals out there on software, editing, education…SO much.  I’ll share just a few.

Pixifi – SAVE 20% on your membership   Pixifi is what we use for all of our invoicing, contracts, client management, workflow, projects, etc.  It makes our business run and we love it.  I highly recommend Pixifi!

SD Cards – make sure you stock up!

Think Tank Airport International – the best bag I’ve ever had for carrying all of my gear.

Photographers Wall Display Guides – 30% OFF with code BF2019  Beautiful room templates and guides for increasing portrait sales. Her black friday deal is one of the best of the year

Katelyn James Education – 20-40% OFF

Amy & Jordan – SAVE $200 on courses


If you find any other Black Friday deals for photographers that you want to share, leave a comment so we can all benefit from the savings!




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