Bloopers and Behind the Scenes 2016 What Goes on Behind the Camera

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It’s time for one of my favorite fun-filled posts of the year: bloopers and behind the scenes! For every wedding and every session I shoot, there’s always bound to be a few shots that tell you what things were really like. As I go through and cull everything that I shoot, I tuck away some of these “behind the scenes” shots for this annual post. Many of these were taken by my talented second shooters, some shots are the byproduct of a funny misstep or click of the shutter on my part. There’s a few too-good-not-to-share bloopers from almost every wedding or engagement session.  I’m glad I get to work with such fun couples! But seriously, in case it’s not clear – I love each of these couples dearly! And I’m pretty sure they know that too. So have a good laugh and enjoy…and have a wonderful New Year!

I’m fairly certain this was a result of some terrible posing idea I had. Or maybe ice? I can’t remember..

Apparently I was about ready to make a getaway in the Corvette.

I do not have the best shooting posture. Yikes.

 Chances are pretty high that if I’ve photographed your wedding, I’ve helped with getting a dress buttoned…
 Or I’ve pinned a boutonniere. (And someday I will learn how to spell that word without needing autocorrect!)

 It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

 I’m a veil whisperer too.

 I don’t even remember what’s happening here.
 Or here.  They’re smiling, so it can’t be that bad, right?
 Either it was a long day or my terrible jokes really are that bad.  Probably a little bit of both.

 This was a beautiful couple’s portrait until yours truly stepped in a biiiiiiiiiit too close.

 I seriously stand in the most ridiculous ways.

 What am I even doing here? I have no idea.

I have the best second shooters!  They make good light-testing models.

Cayla and Mason’s engagement session may go down as the most hilarious engagement session I’ve ever done. These two had me laughing nonstop, and mostly it was just complete dumb luck most of the time!

Let me get that for ya…

My instructions to look at the ring were taken VERY literally.

Cayla’s look of confusion…you want me to do WHAT?

I’m pretty sure this is after one of my failed jokes that Josh maybe misunderstood? I honestly can’t remember.

What goes on behind the scenes to get the perfect detail shot.

Yes, that IS a bee!

I may have told them to walk straight through the pigeons. I think it was worth it for the laughs!

I see you…

Probably trying to get all the groomsmen together…

Josh…..oh josh, I kind of love both of these because you were so chill the whole day, and then snuck in these little surprises for me!  The best is Vanessa’s sheepish grin as well 🙂

Don’t fall, Jen…

Serious conversation about where to get dressed.

Bryan REALLY wanted some cake.

We got the shot!


Just shimmy on over right there….yep, that’s it!

Everyone look at Leah! 

More behind the scenes with details.

I love all of the expressions just as it was starting to rain.

Eat cake!  It was delicious.

And my favorite from the whole year, because it was my last wedding of 2016 and SUCH a great idea!

Cheers to a happy 2017, everyone!



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