Bump: Megan & Jake

He makes her laugh.  So hard that she had tears in her eyes.  And so did I.    Jake, is truly the most hilarious guy.  Everyone in town seems to know him, but I bet not everyone really knows him, ya know?  I felt like during the brief time I photographed him and Megan, I really got a peak into their lives and their relationship.  And from what I saw, I can imagine that there is plenty of laughter in their house.

And Megan.  She is just the most sensible and laid back person.  She’s totally unafraid to just go with the flow and try things out. Who wants to stock up on a million diapers of one kind without knowing which ones will work? Megan just makes being a first time parent seem like no big deal.   And, she also was completely willing to take my suggestions during our session.  Props to her for getting up and down and up and down again while being 8+ months pregnant!

I had a blast during this session, and I’m so grateful to call Megan & Jake friends.  I can’t wait to meet their little boy or girl (they’re waiting to find out) in November!  Congrats to you both.

I absolutely love the glow of the sun in this one – it just made her look radiant.

Just a few more weeks until we get to meet your little one!  Any guesses if it’s a boy or girl?  I’m hoping it’s a girl 🙂



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