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Shosh & Ryan: A Grinnell Wedding

Photographing weddings for Grinnell College alumni is probably one of my favorite things. I love when two people come back to the original place they fell in love! Plus, the campus is just beautiful and an easy place to photograph (not to mention, an easy place to host a wedding! Rachel in Conference Operations will...

Anna & Braham: Decorah Wedding

It’s been 15 years for these two, and yet, the celebration we had this past weekend in Decorah felt like young love at the very beginning. So much excitement and joy! And yet, there was also that familiarity that you have when you have spent years together. When I first saw Braham before their first...

Jasper Winery & World Food Prize Engagement Session

When Rachel & Sydney contacted me about their wedding in Lousiana, I was SO excited! Having been to New Orleans last year, the prospect of returning had me filled with glee. New Orleans is gorgeous, and photographing a wedding there would be a dream. Plus, southern weddings are filled with so much charm and tradition...

Charis & Matthias: St. Louis Wedding at Wash U

I’ve always felt that the best person to spend your life with is your best friend. Someone who knows you well, makes you laugh, encourages and supports you, makes you want to be a better person. They trust you, you trust them. You share everything with them – dreams, hopes, fears, faith, and ultimately, love....

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