Cindy & Ben’s South Hadley Engagement

You’ve already seen one sneak peek of Cindy & Ben’s engagement session here, and now it’s time for the rest!  Cindy & Ben met through a music group they both sang in, and slowly began dating.  Because Cindy and I are friends, I remember her sharing about the early on in their relationship about how excited she was.  Now that I’ve finally met Ben, I can tell that they are such a great match for each other.  Congrats, Cindy & Ben!  I’m so excited for your wedding in July!

We started at Mount Holyoke College, taking full advantage of the beautiful flowers and gorgeous architecture.

I’m not sure what I asked Cindy to do for this shot, but this is what ended up happening!  It is SO her.  🙂

Probably my favorite part about engagement sessions is not only do I get to know the couple more personally, but I also get to witness all the sweetness and love in the ways they interact with each other.  With Cindy & Ben, there’s just so much joy, adoration, and laughter – I loved every minute of it!

My favorite.

Mount Holyoke College  & South Hadley 

Wedding  ::  July 28, 2012   ::   Amherst, MA and Northampton, MA

Engaged  ::  December 17,  2011

Cindy :: Worship leader at MercyHouse  Hometown :: Monroe, NY  (but she’s been in MA for quite some time)

Ben ::  Computer Programming  Hometown ::  Clinton, NJ

Met (as told by Cindy) ::

Ben and I met through our mutual love of singing.  Awww.  Yes, it’s true.  We both knew a guy – Jim Fry – who was a music director.  Jim met me when I was about 10 years old – at Camp Quinipet on Shelter Island, NY – where I sang in a children’s choir for many summers.  Jim met Ben not so long ago (about 5 years ago, now) when Ben was a college student at RPI in Troy, NY.  At the time, Jim was the music director at RPI’s Chapel and Cultural Center and recruited Ben to sing in the student choir there.  After Ben graduated, Jim had a brilliant idea to bring Ben, his roommate Andrew, and me together to form a vocal trio.  In November of 2010, the three men drove down to Amherst to meet me at MERCYhouse and to see how our voices blended.  It was a joyful reunion for Jim and me, and for Ben, well, let’s just say I knocked his socks off.  🙂  As it turns out, we make beautiful music together!  Good job, Jim.



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