M+S: Temple for Performing Arts Wedding

When I first met Sarah & Matthew a few months ago, we really hit it off!  Perhaps it was because one of Sarah’s best friend’s daughters was there to make introductions, but I like to think it was just meant to be.  As we chatted and got to know each other a bit, I was seriously convinced I would be photographing their wedding.  I just knew it.  Sometimes you just really click with people and you just know.  After a bit of talking and planning, I was so excited when I got word from them that they’d chosen me as their photographer!

You’re probably wondering why I was so excited.  Well, first it’s because of how truly wonderful Sarah & Matthew are.  Throughout the planning process and their wedding day, it was so evident how important their faith, family, and friends are to them.  Everything about their day incorporated these values, ones that I happen to share wholeheartedly.  Their wedding theme was so incredible and such a testimony to who they are as Christians – that God makes all things new.  Their children stood next to them at the altar to witness their exchange of vows, which was so sweet to watch.  And they had two of their closest friends share heartfelt stories during the ceremony about how Sarah & Matthew have come to this point in their relationship.  It was a day that truly reflected all the best aspects of the bride and groom’s relationship.  What an honor to be part of something so special!

I could go on and on about how great these two are and how lovely of a day it was, but let’s get to the photos!

Their ceremony and reception were held at the Temple for Performing Arts in downtown Des Moines.  Their whole day was classy and elegant, reflecting their desire to bless their guests with a grant banquet reminiscent of what we might all experience some day in heaven.  How cool is that?  It was pretty amazing!

I loved Sarah’s simple and classy dress – what a great way to start the day.

Sarah & Matthew surrounded themselves with their closest friends throughout the day.  I loved these moments with one of her closest friends as she got into her dress.

Just a little preview of the gorgeous decor at the Temple, along with Matthew looking quite dapper in his tux.

I never ever tire of the reactions people have during the first look 🙂

I don’t always post formal photos, but since it was SO hot that day, we only did bride and groom photos outside.  I couldn’t leave out a family photo – their kids are great!

Where they got engaged…

There are so many great ones of the two of them, but there’s something about this next photo that I just love.  The way that they look at each other is just…. 🙂

Stunning, no?

They did a sand ceremony with all their kids and Matthew served communion, and then they kissed!  Husband and wife at last!

The bridal party danced down the aisle – I love it!

A huge thanks goes out to Stuart Alexander Productions for providing the gorgeous decor and event design.  They went above and beyond and did a fabulous job.

Desserts for everyone!  Everyone by now should know that I can’t turn down a lovely dessert table 🙂

They graciously greeted their guests and welcomed them to the feast – which was unbelievable.  A huge thanks to Catering DSM for a delicious dinner.

Originally Sarah & Matthew were going to skip the cake cutting.  I’m so glad they changed their minds 🙂

They danced the night away, celebrating with their friends and family their new life together!

Congrats again, Sarah & Matthew!  I think I can speak for everyone and say that I was honored to be part of your day 🙂



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