At long last, I can share Felicity’s senior portrait session!  If you’re on Facebook or in Grinnell, you’ve probably seen some of these already (here, here, here, here, and here) because Felicity was a senior rep for me this year!  As a senior rep, your portraits are taken earlier in the year, sometimes right at the end of your junior year, and you have the opportunity to earn print credit for referrals.  There are other great perks and incentives as well.  If you’re interested in learning more about being a senior rep in the future (class of 2013!), send me an email and we’ll meet up to discuss the program.

Felicity was an AWESOME senior rep and I just want to take this opportunity to thank her (and her mom!) for helping spread the word about Jennifer Weinman Photography.  You were both so wonderful to work with!

This session took place waaaaaaaaaay back in June.  You’re probably wondering, “why the wait?”  Well, I typically wait until after clients order to blog their full session.  I love giving the sneak peek, but I believe in reserving the joy and excitement of the “big reveal” of the rest of the session images for the client before the whole blog-o-sphere sees them.  🙂  Since Felicity was a senior rep, we held off on her order for a number of months and she actually had a second session in September as well.  Major kudos to her for being so patient!

We started Felicity’s session off in downtown Grinnell.  I think this was maybe the second or third shot, and she was already rocking it!

LOVED this dress!

We changed locations and headed out to the farm for some more natural shots.

A quick word about the “serious” look.  Some people love it, some people don’t.  Personally, I think pretty much everyone has the potential to look fabulous with a more serious facial expression.  It can take a little practice though, and is often followed by fits of giggles!

A friend joined us for a little visit!

Felicity’s mom jumped in for a shot as well.  I always love when people bring their parents or friends to their session, and I always try to make sure to grab a quick shot that includes them – they typically end up being a parental fav!

Felicity brought her prom dress with her, and we were able to get a few shots with her horse Spirit.  Let me tell you, posing a horse is a new challenge!

Many thanks to Megan for a wonderful job on Felicity’s make-up!



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