We’re spending Christmas in Nebraska with Jerod’s family, enjoying a much needed break.  We didn’t have the traditional white Christmas, unlike probably 90% of the country which seems to be under a blizzard warning.  Instead, we awoke to a foggy morning and beautiful hoar frost.  I was able to snap some landscape photos after a yummy breakfast of Danish aebleskivers and the opening of presents.  While the Sandhills and Plains may not be beautiful in the traditional sense, I was mesmerized by the frost and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Hope you do to.

winter frost on brancheshoar frost on weedswinter frost on grass

I absolutely adore this tree – the way it bends towards the road.  The way the frost makes it looks like it is inside a snow globe and yet, the grass is green with a few hints of frost.

frost on a tree

More frost on some neighboring trees alongside the winter wheat crop.  So simple and beautiful, yet such an odd combination.

hoar frost

An old irrigation flume survives just a few miles north of town.  I loved the arc and shape against the bright blue sky along with the glittering frosty grass.

flume witner frost

flume winter frost



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