Gift Ideas for Your Groom

Sometimes in the thick of planning a wedding and all of the details, it’s easy to forget about some of the smaller, more intimate, parts of your wedding day. One of the things that isn’t a necessity, but can be a really sweet gesture, is to find a gift for your future husband. Some couples choose to have a photographer present for the moment when they open their gift and some don’t. But after witnessing some of the moments where a groom opens his gift, it is so sweet to see the reaction on their faces! We can tell you firsthand that they really appreciate the thought behind it! 

It can be a really beautiful gesture when a bride is able to surprise her husband with something on their wedding day. In the process of getting married, the groom is the one who does the surprising at the beginning of the process with the engagement and the ring and all of those details. So being able to give him a little surprise leading up to the wedding is almost a little thank you for all that he did. It can also be a fun way to remember the wedding day with the gift that you give him. You’ll always see that item and think back to the day that you were able to give him something knowing that in a few short hours or days, that man would be your husband! 

Below is a list of some gifts that you can give your groom to commemorate a really special day! 

A Boudoir Photoshoot 

I know this is outside of a lot of women’s comfort zone, but after doing boudoir shoots with many women this year, I’ve gotten to see how quickly women gain confidence and absolutely rock their photoshoots! You pick the outfits, we’ll do the hair and makeup, and we can create some really great photos for you to give to your groom! Without knowing your future husband, we can basically guarantee that he’s going to love it. If you’d like to learn more about doing a boudoir shoot before the big day, click here to check out our website specifically devoted to boudoir photography! 

A Watch

Along with his wedding ring, a watch can be a really cool gift because it’s something that will be worn almost everyday. And because of this, he will always have something with him that you gave him on your big day! Not only that, but it also allows for you to pick out an accessory that you’d like to see him wearing everyday. 


Similar to a watch, this gift is great for both of you because it allows you to pick a scent that you like to smell! It’s also really neat because if he wears it on your wedding day, you will always be transported back to that day anytime you smell it. Being able to smell something and think back to how happy and joyful things were on your wedding day might be a really cool way to keep some of that magic in your marriage. 


A pair of shoes can be an especially sweet gift if they are the shoes that he’s going to wear on the wedding day! It’s a unique opportunity to give him one of the things that he’s going to wear as you commit your lives to each other. It can be an even more intimate moment if you can write him a little note on the bottom! Just make sure that your photographer gets a picture of it before it inevitably rubs off on the dance floor! 

A Tie Clip 

Tie clips are one of those gifts that he can use for many years to come. It can also be a really cool option to engrave something on the back of it. Whether it’s your wedding date, the location of the ceremony or where you met, or a simple “I love you,” this is bound to be a sweet and sentimental gift. 


Socks are guaranteed to be a really fun gift! You can go stylish and pick socks that match the colors of your wedding, or you can go with something more fun and personal! I recently went to a wedding where the groom (and his groomsmen) all wore socks with different dogs on them. I’ve also seen superheroes, different foods, all sorts of animals, etc. This is bound to a moment of laughter as he opens the gift from you! 

personalized wedding socks

A Flask 

The wedding day is supposed to be a party! And what better way to set the tone than a personalized flask from his bride. This is a fun thing for him to be able to carry around throughout the night, and to be able to use for many days to come! 

Regardless of what you get your groom, he is going to love it because it’s coming from the person he loves the most! No one knows him better than you, and he will be excited at whatever you decide to give him! 

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