How I Fell in Love with Boudoir Photography



February 26, 2021

My journey into boudoir photography was not love at first sight.  It was slow and gradual, with hesitations and doubts.  Probably not all that dissimilar to some of the nerves or reservations we hear from clients curious about boudoir sessions.  But how I fell in love with boudoir photography is an important story and connects with one of the major reasons I believe every woman should experience a boudoir photo shoot.

how i fell in love with boudoir photography

I remember first learning about boudoir photography many years ago when I was engaged to be married, and I was considering at as a wedding present for my husband.  At the time, I was self-conscious about my body and weight and nervous about the idea of being partially clothed in front of a stranger.  In the end, I didn’t book a boudoir photoshoot…but I always secretly wanted to.

Fast forward many years later, and as a wedding photographer, I was asked by several of my brides if I offered boudoir photography.  For many years, I referred these clients elsewhere mostly because I was unsure I could give them the experience I knew they really deserved.  I wanted them to have portraits that really showcased their beauty, and I frankly doubted if I could really give them that.  Looking back, I’m not sure where that self-doubt crept in, because it was completely unfounded!

why you should book a boudoir photo session

My confidence had shifted.  Maybe it was time, or maybe it was that I finally believed in myself.  I’m not quite sure what shifted, but at some point I went through a mindset change that is very similar to what I see in our boudoir clients – you not only realize  you can do this, but YOU DESERVE THIS.

I’ll never forget the words coming from one of my first few clients – they couldn’t believe it was them in the photos.  Their own perceived flaws were there, and yet they were fighting and learning to love themselves right before my eyes.  The powerful self-transformation was 100% worth it.

Boudoir photography isn’t about being a certain body type.  It’s about celebrating self love and beauty that already exists.  It’s not about sexy bodies or being sexy enough – because you ARE enough.  Even some of the most gorgeous women are self-critical and struggle with self love.  And I want to eradicate that.

I want our clients to feel the same experience as Miss R did:

I want you to believe others when they say you are beautiful.

If you’re currently saying to yourself, “I’ll book a boudoir shoot when I lose weight….or my stretch marks fade….or when I’m___” fill in the blank, remember that you are enough right NOW.

Imagine if you believed that to be true!  Then contact me so we can get started on telling your story.

iowa boudoir photographer

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