How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

We know that every couple we work with dreams of beautiful wedding photos.  It’s one of the most important days of your life, and you don’t want to forget it, and you want photographs that will stand the test of time that you will love.  Even more so, you want the experience to be stress-free.  So many people get anxious about having their photo taken.  So today, we are putting all of your worries to rest and sharing our top tips for how to get the BEST wedding photos on your wedding day!

Engagement Session

Your engagement session is probably THE most important part of your wedding photographs.  This probably sounds odd to most couples at first, as it’s an entirely separate day and photo session.  However, that is exactly why it is so vital.  When you have the opportunity to establish a connection with your photographer before your wedding, a lot of the awkwardness and nerves disappears at your engagement session.  It’s the test run you didn’t even know you needed, but you’ll be so glad you did it!  You’ll learn our photographic style, and we will break the ice a bit so that when we arrive on your wedding day, we aren’t a stranger, but a trusted friend who already knows how you interact as a couple.  If you want truly authentic and beautiful wedding photos, make sure you have an engagement session.  We cannot recommend this enough!

More on why engagement sessions are so important.

Effortless Timeline

Wedding day timelines notoriously fall behind, however, that is something we never let happen!  We work with each couple to compile a custom timeline that takes into account your personal priorities and the photographic needs of your day.  As your photographer, we build in buffer time to make sure there’s always a little bit of extra time so you can ENJOY your wedding day, and not just rush from one photo-op to the next.  Coordinating with your other vendors and  a wedding planner is a must, and we’re here to help!  If you want the best wedding photos, make sure you are well connected with your photographer early on.  We have it built into our wedding experience to build a custom wedding photo timeline for each couple.

Learn more about creating the perfect timeline here.

First Look

When you choose to have a first look, you will have more time for photos.  Typically, around 40-50% more time than if you choose not to do a first look.  When you have a first look, it means the MOST important photos (the ones of you two!) are scheduled first, and not pushed back by group photos or bridal party photos.  It also means your hair and makeup will be their freshest, and the excitement is real – you’ll see it in every photo!

7 Reasons You Should Consider a First Look – and One Reason You Shouldn’t

Romantic Portraits

We encourage every couple to consider romantic portraits around sunset or closer to the end of our time with them.  Yes, we will get lots of beautiful wedding photos earlier in the day.  But we also find that when we can do sunset photos, they are typically the favorites!  The light is beautiful, you’re more relaxed, and you have gotten through the big events of the day and can just enjoy being together.  The newlywed glow is a real thing!

Trust the Pros

We’re here to make your day easier and make sure you have the best wedding day and the best wedding photos.  Our ability to envision something you may never have even thought of, but looks incredible, is what you’re paying us for.  Trust our artistry and intentionality and you will have some of the most incredibly wedding photos you never could have imagined!

heirloom wedding album


Enjoy Your Wedding Photos

When all is said and done, the reason you have photographs from your wedding day is so that you can remember everything!  And so you can share them with your friends and future generations in your family.  We want you to enjoy your wedding photos tangibly in your home – on your walls, in a beautiful wedding album – so that you have daily reminders of one of the best days of your life and the people you love most.

For a complete list and easy-to-save-on-your-phone guide for how to get the best wedding photos, you can download and save our guide here!

how to get the best wedding photos



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