Invitations & Thank You Notes: Thoughts on Being Old-Fashioned

This seems to be the week that things are starting to take shape for a busy wedding season!  I’ve started receiving invitations in the mail (3 this week!), and at the same time, I’m also rounding out some thank you notes and gifts for brides later this year.

Yes, I still try to do written thank you notes.  And gifts.  I’ll confess to not being 100% organized this year and perhaps forgetting a few, but I’m trying my best to make sure I send something to every couple letting them know how excited I am for their big day, and how grateful I am to be working with them.  I mean, who doesn’t love receiving a little surprise in the mail?  I know I love it!

(Can we just talk about how pretty Ben & Cindy’s wedding invite is?  I love how it perfectly reflects their bright summery wedding!)

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned in terms of etiquette.  The funny thing is that I know my mother would scold me for how many times I forgot to thank relatives and friends for gifts over the years!   Case in point: I’m still working on some thank you notes from Christmas this year…

I think perhaps the ONLY time I hit 100% with thank you notes was for my own wedding.  I cranked those babies out in less than 2 weeks!  Obviously the trend didn’t stick.   But I still LIKE them, even if I’m not always great at sending them out.  🙂

I’m curious:  Anyone else a fan of good old-fashioned thank you notes?  Am I the only one who struggles to remember to prioritize them?  I hope not!



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