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Boudoir is for EVERY type of woman

You don’t need to wait until you’re different to do a boudoir session…just do you! 

Just like you, I’m a regular woman with a body I’m self-conscious about and fears I will be totally awkward.  Trust me, I get it! 

Yet, when was the last time you pampered yourself, put yourself first, and showed your confidence in all its raw beauty?  

Very few of us are models out of magazines, but you deserve to be celebrated!  Whether you share your images with someone you love, or keep them as a reminder of just how incredible you are, you WILL see yourself in a whole new way!

grinnell Iowa boudoir photographer

There is no limit on beauty…

Put yourself


Stop telling yourself you’re not pretty enough…curvy enough…thin enough….sexy enough…brave enough…YOU ARE ENOUGH!

iowa boudoir photographer

from real clients

i literally love every single photo and i can't believe that's me!
Miss S
the whole expereince was amazing. thank you for giving me a new outlook on myself! I would 100% do this again
Miss R

"Loving yourself is the simplest most rebellious act of revolution you will ever be part of."

Jana Vallone

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meet jen

I’m Jen, a full time photographer with a cozy loft studio located in the heart of Grinnell, Iowa.  In order to help you feel right at home before your session, so you can realize how beautiful and confident you truly are, here are a few things you should know about me! 

I love to...

  • Empower women to feel confident and beautiful!
  • Stop the clock and freeze time with photographs that convey who you really are! 
  • Help you feel radiant and stunning…even when most days, you feel sorta “Meh”!


I know what you are thinking...

“These women are gorgeous and look like models…they aren’t your everyday woman I see at the coffeeshop or the school pick-up line.”

But what if you're wrong?

Well….you’re sorta half right.  These women ARE gorgeous!

These are 100%
everyday women.

FIANCéS. WIVES. Girlfriends. MOMS.

They are just like you.  Nurses, teachers, accountants, soccer moms, doctors….every kind of woman…that cho0se to treat themselves to more than a manicure and a makeover.

and you can be one of them!



When you have a boudoir session, you’re taking a step towards:

It’s okay to live a little…splurge a little…and feel drop dead gorgeous & special for once!

Real transformations from real women.




Real transformations from real women.


Please reach out - we can't wait!