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Hey there, I’m Jen!  I am sooooooooo glad you’re here! You’re probably a whole mix of feelings right now: excited, nervous, unsure, but secretly…you also can’t wait!  And neither can I.  You are going to LOVE this experience. 

Boudoir photography found me after many years of photographing primarily weddings and high school senior portraits.  After countless brides begging me to photograph boudoir for wedding gifts and politely declining because I had all those same feelings you’re having right now…I decided to jump in with both feet and just go for it! It has been the most incredible thing and I know it will be for you too!

Photographing women and giving them the opportunity to see themselves anew, to understand the full extent of their beauty, and to help them leave with renewed confidence…it’s the best thing EVER!

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they are incredibly kind people as well as extremely talented photographers and we would highly recommend them.

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know me

I’m married to Jerod (going on almost 13 years!) and have two little boys that are 8 & 5 years old.  My daily life is full of all the normal things:  trying to figure out how I can sleep-in later when my kids wake me up early, cleaning up legos, rushing to get dinner ready before everyone is hangry, but also running a photography business that I adore!

Our family enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, skiing, and basically anything outdoors…which means I’m pretty much always wishing I lived on the coast!  We’re big foodies, but my husband is definitely the better chef.  When I have time for it (ha!), I enjoy knitting, reading, and music or theater performances.  

A few fun things about me:

  • I have a major sweet tooth.  Cake, candy, you name it…I probably can’t resist it
  • No coffee for me, just Coca Cola…and wine!
  • I am a big Grey’s Anatomy fan 
  • We homeschool our kids
  • I majored in studio art in college
  • If I could go anywhere…it would be the mediterranean coast
  • Yoga pants are life…for real!

The Bible spends entire chapters celebrating the female form and extolling it’s beauty & wonder…

It’s time to write your own chapter.


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