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For some women, going shopping for lingerie is fun and exciting:  You get to pick out something that makes you feel sexy and beautiful!  For others, it may be frustrating or something that you have lots of insecurities about.   But for MOST, it will be a mix of both.

Here are my biggest tips for you before you start shopping:

  • Choose lingerie that is the proper size!  If things are too tight they will pinch and be uncomfortable.  I recommend sizing up on panties so they don’t dig into your skin and are comfy.
  • When shopping in-person, get measured & fitted – trust me, it helps!
  • When shopping from home, use a sewing tape-measure to take your measurements to help with sizing.
  • High-cut panties lengthen the legs and look flattering on EVERYONE
  • High-waisted is IN again and is wonderful if you want a bit more coverage, but also incredibly flattering on basically every body type
  • Try a bodysuit!  There are a ton of styles and they photograph super well
  • You can layer!  If you find a sheer bodysuit you love, but want more coverage, layer a pretty bra underneath!
  • Don’t forget accessories like jewelry or stockings, and maybe even high heels – you don’t have to walk in them!
  • Lingerie isn’t the only thing that is sexy.  Think of off-the shoulder sweaters, a stunning cocktail dress, your partner’s button up shirt, or just a cute crop top or tank – we can do a lot with things that are simple and more everyday, and it adds a different vibe to your album too!
  • We have a few extra pieces in our client closets for you to “shop” when you arrive, including body suits, robes, thigh-high stockings, garter belts, and more. 
  • There are a TON of styles out there for lingerie.  Get something that makes you feel fabulous.  If it’s more bold, sensual, or a tiny bit kinky….go for it!  I’ve literally seen it ALL, so don’t feel shy about what you want to wear!

where to shop

Links to our favorite places!

A local boutique lingerie shop in the East Village in DSM, they have some of the most stunning pieces and are super helpful!

Incredible luxury lingerie that will make you feel like a bombshell.

Some of the most stunning  lingerie I’ve ever seen.

We can’t forget this favorite lingerie store!  They have lots of pretty pieces to choose from, and who doesn’t love their big annual sale?

Unique and beautiful pieces with a range of prices & styles.

Owned and operated by a boudoir photographer, it is worth making the drive to Kansas City to visit in person if you can!  Stunning one-of-a-kind pieces from Europe that are unlike anything else.  Their online shop and Instagram is also easy to shop!

A huge selection and variety, they literally have everything. The quality isn’t quite as nice as many boutique options, but it photographs well!

Lingerie for women with curves! They have some incredible options.

Some sexy and unique pieces!


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