Jennifer: Granger HS Senior

I absolutely looooooooooooooooooved this session! Jennifer is totally like me in her style style – classic preppy, with a bit of fun and flair thrown in for good measure. I adored all of her outfits! It wasn’t until near the end of her session that she mentioned that she shows horses at the county fair – um, why did we not include THAT in our shoot? Well, as you can see, we had plenty of other ideas and beautiful locations to visit.

Jen – thanks for making the trip out here from Granger. I truly enjoyed every minute of it!

Her favorite shots were right at the beginning…

granger high school senior_0158.jpg
granger high school senior_0159.jpg
granger high school senior_0160.jpg
granger high school senior_0162.jpg
granger high school senior_0161.jpg
This navy striped shirt and mint sweater? I wanted to steal it and take it home with me…
granger high school senior_0163.jpg
granger high school senior_0165.jpg
granger high school senior_0164.jpg
granger high school senior_0166.jpg
granger high school senior_0169.jpg
granger high school senior_0167.jpg
granger high school senior_0168.jpg
granger high school senior_0171.jpg
My favorite…and now it’s a sample canvas in the studio too!
granger high school senior_0170.jpg
Have a fabulous senior year, Jen! And I hope you love UNI 🙂



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