Jordan: Williamsburg HS Senior

Even though it may appear I only photograph senior girls, it’s not true. I’ve been so blessed to photograph some great guys this year. Each session with a guy reminds me that every senior, regardless of who they are, wants to have a fun session and look their best. That was totally the case for Jordan. He came over from Williamsburg for his senior shoot a few weeks ago, and we hit up a variety of locations, and I had a great time getting to know him. in the process When we met for his ordering appointment last week, he even asked if I could put some specific info up for his blog post 🙂 So, here it goes:

Jordan loves Mexican food.
He has a part time job at the local hardware store.
Jordan’s favorite color is orange.
He dreams of being an astronaut one day.

JOKING! None of those are true, in fact only one of them is probably even close. Ha! No, Jordan is a great guy that plays defensive end for the Raiders (in his words, “I tackle people”), he’s a fan of Chinese food, and he dreams of being a pilot someday. “I want to fly stuff, not people” – he wants to be a cargo pilot 🙂 And my guess for his favorite color is blue or gray, but that’s based purely on his choice of clothes that he brought, so who knows, that could be totally wrong too. Anyways, thanks for a great time, Jordan! I hope you have a great senior year!

We started with some urban locations around Grinnell…
williamsburg high school senior_0182.jpg

williamsburg high school senior_0183.jpg

williamsburg high school senior_0184.jpg

williamsburg high school senior_0185.jpg

Then we switched it up for a more country vibe. This one is my favorite.
williamsburg high school senior_0189.jpg

williamsburg high school senior_0187.jpg

williamsburg high school senior_0188.jpg

Last one…the pose on the right? Apparently that’s a “thing” he does. And the best part? His parents ordered a print of it! 🙂
williamsburg high school senior_0186.jpg



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