Hey there, and welcome to the JWP blog!  We are a photography team based in Iowa, and we hope you’ll enjoy viewing some of our most recent weddings, as well as the many tips we have for couples.  You can also enjoy some of our business and educational resources for photographers. 

Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

As a little girl, I would guess that you probably pictured what you’d want to look like on your wedding day. Maybe it was about the dress, or a long or fluffy veil, maybe you even had a tiara on! Whatever it was, we know that your wedding day look is about a lot more than just the dress and accessories. Hair and makeup styling are a big factor in completing the look for the big day! Not to mention, the time you spend doing your hair and makeup are a big chunk of the morning on your wedding day

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Chaston & Paul’s Intimate Iowa City Wedding

Like many couples in the era of Covid-19, this was not the day that Chaston and Paul had planned for their wedding. But like many other Covid Weddings, this intimate winter wedding was absolutely perfect! The original plan was for Chaston and Paul to tie the knot in California earlier this year, however after the pandemic switched up their plans, they ended up choosing to get married at Chaston’s uncle’s property in Iowa City, Iowa. As the pictures can attest, the venue was absolutely stunning and the perfect back-up plan for this day. With a small amount of guests in

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Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Ceremony and Reception at the Same Venue

I don’t claim to be a wedding historian, but as I think back to how weddings have operated for the last 50-ish years, I think we can see some trends in how weddings started out using a single venue. I think back to my grandparents wedding photos, and even the photos and stories of some of my parents’ friends. They would have a ceremony in the sanctuary of the church and would follow it with a dinner in the church basement. For some, it wasn’t even a full dinner but it was a dessert reception or something even simpler! Things

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monthly duty day

Monthly Duty Day Keeping Your Business Organized

A couple of years ago, I read somewhere about the idea of making a specific list of tasks that you complete once a month.  These would be essential tasks or things that are best done as batch work when you’ve got repetitive tasks you’re going to do more than once – but you do it on a monthly basis.  That way, those little pesky tasks don’t get sprinkled throughout your month, and instead you’re just doing them once.  Setting aside a monthly duty day to complete these tasks allows you to really focus in on all of these (somewhat random)

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Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is a Worthy Investment

We know that wedding days can be one of the most expensive days of your life. There’s so much that is necessary to make the day all that you want it to be! The trouble is that a lot of those things can add up quickly and all of the sudden you’ve found yourself with a total much higher than you’d like it to be. Often times, brides and grooms will hit a point in the planning process where they feel that it’s necessary to cut costs somewhere, and a lot of the times that starts with the behind the

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survival kit for wedding day

Wedding Day Survival Kit What You Need to Have With You For the Big Day

Planning for your wedding is filled with all sorts of fun details and check list items that you’re probably looking forward to! But we know that packing your wedding day bag may not be the thing you’re most excited about. However, we know that it’s one of the most critical details to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. And we think we can help! The JWP team is made up of wedding photographers that have a combined 19 years of experience and a few recent brides. So we’ve all learned a lot about the things you’re going to want

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Top 6 Reasons To Do a First Look on Your Wedding Day

As you’re planning your wedding, you’ll realize that whether or not to do a first look is a big question! There are a lot of ways in which it can affect the day, and there are arguments on both sides of it. As a wedding photography team, we are pro-first look! While it may seem

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des moines boudoir photographer

How I Fell in Love with Boudoir Photography

My journey into boudoir photography was not love at first sight.  It was slow and gradual, with hesitations and doubts.  Probably not all that dissimilar to some of the nerves or reservations we hear from clients curious about boudoir sessions.  But how I fell in love with boudoir photography is an important story and connects with

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12 Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Caterer

Catering may not always be the most glamorous wedding planning detail, but it can be one of the more important ones! If you think back to the weddings that you’ve been to, you know that the food you eat at a reception can really make or break that part of the day! People remember if

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