Life Behind the Lens: Hershey’s Kisses, Taxes, and Ripped Pants

I’m excited to introduce a fun new series on the blog – I’m calling it Life Behind the Lens.  We’ll see what comes of it, but I’m hoping to share more stories from sessions and other fun things, whatever that might be from week to week  🙂

For this weeks Life Behind the Lens…

I’m excited about:
Anna & Calvin’s wedding this Saturday at Salisbury House. I’ve been dreaming of shooting at this location ever since I saw pictures, and I can’t wait for their gorgeous wedding to take place there!

Working with another wonderfully talented photographer, Robyn. I’m so glad we met via Facebook, and that we hit it off!

FINALLY organizing personal photos on my computer. I’m great at keeping client work organized, but up until recently, any personal photos were just a mess and impossible to find. Now that I have a system in place, things are much better.


Yes, this happened:

– I ate a Hershey’s kiss that had probably been hiding in my bag for 6 months
– My husband Jerod took me on a repeat date to one of my favorite places – Shelbourne Falls (instagram pic) and then topped it off with a concert
– Got the addendum for our tax return after a bit of a miscommunication with our CPA and nearly choked on my juice when I saw how much I owed after factoring everything correctly from my business. *sigh* Such is life.
– I had a good laugh when my capri pants ripped right up the leg immediately after I got into Cindy’s car to head to her engagement shoot. Thank God we were still in the driveway!


Things on My Mind:
Whether I should start a separate Facebook page for seniors or weddings to split things up more clearly (yay? nay?)
How much I love the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately!



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