Miranda & Kyle’s Dreamy White Wedding at Ashton Hill Farm

Five days before their wedding at Ashton Hill Farm, the forecast called for rain…just like it had for nearly the last week and a half.  Miranda said that she and Kyle had talked on the phone earlier that week, crying over the forecast and lamenting that they wouldn’t have their dream outdoor wedding or beautiful photos by the trees like she had been hoping for for the last year.  I would be lying if I didn’t have the same thoughts!  I’ve photographed at Ashton Hill several times, and EVERY time it has been bad weather!  We’ve had rain, snow, and rain…and more rain!  So, I was praying pretty hard that we’d somehow have a miraculous day.  Even as my assistant and I were driving east to Cedar Rapids and hit a bit more rain, she was more confident than me and kept saying, “I have faith, I think it will clear!”  Low and behold, it DID clear up!  It wasn’t bright and sunny, but it stopped raining, and Kyle and Miranda ended up having the most perfect weather to be outside for their ceremony!

There was so much more about their day that was memorable than the weather, though.  I will never forget all of the laughs during their toasts (mostly, at Kyle’s expense) or the sweet moment during their ceremony when the ring bearer decided to lounge on Miranda’s dress…but I think the moment that will stand out is the conversation I had briefly with Kyle during their portrait time.  Last fall, we got together for their engagement session in Grinnell, where Miranda grew up.  We had an amazing time getting to know each other, and it helps that they are adorably photogenic.  After their session, Kyle mentioned that he wanted to make sure we got some fun and silly photos on their wedding day, and that things weren’t too sappy.  It wasn’t that he didn’t love their engagement photos (Miranda reassured me that he did) but he definitely wanted to capture their silly side a bit too.  So leading up to their wedding day, I had asked them if they had any ideas, and then when we were all together during their portrait time, I brought it up once more.  And I will never forget what Kyle said, because it was something along the lines of, “You know…I don’t think we need to do that.  This feels a lot more serious.  This is a big deal.”  And I just gave him a smile, knowing exactly what he meant.  Marriage is definitely a big deal, and while I of course love having fun and capturing goofy orchestrated moments, I loved that Kyle knew this day was much bigger than just a fun moment.  The way those two looked at each other and walked through their day with grace was truly a blessing to witness.

Miranda and Kyle, congratulations!  Thank you so much for allowing me the honor to capture your first day as husband and wife!


Venue: Ashton Hill Farm
Coordination: Soirre
Florals: Studio Bloom
Rentals: Borrow My Vintage
Custom Sign: Painting for Cheese
Cakes: Classic Cakes by Design
DJ: Ultimate Entertainment
View: Nepo Productions
Catering: Maggie’s Wood Fired Pizza
Dress: Weddings by Design
Makeup:  Beauty by Angie
Rings: Bill’s Jewelry


Their reception set up was timeless and beautiful – white flowers, black wooden table numbers, and a classy loveseat for the couple.

classic white wedding reception at Ashton hill farm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

unique hexagon rose gold wedding ringwhite wedding invitation suitewhite Ashton hill farm wedding reception beautiful classic white wedding reception at Ashton hill farmtraditional 4 tiered white wedding cake and white wedding reception at Ashton hill farmAshton hill farm wedding venue

Loved this moment with her dad – it was a perfect way to start the day!

Kyle said he was a bit nervous, but mostly excited to see Miranda.

The bouquets from Studio Bloom were perfectly coordinated with the dusty mauve bridesmaids gowns.  Loved this combo!

Ashton hill farm wedding

We could not celebrate their day without their adorable puppy, Brinkley!

This was as silly as people got!

He just needed someplace comfy to take a little breather I guess!

Ashton hill farm weddingOne request they had is that they didn’t want their vows to be over the microphone, and so this moment was intensely personal and private for them – lots of emotions, but so special.

Married at last!

One of my favorite cakes this year – love a classic dramatic cake!

guests dancing at Ashton hill farm wedding reception


Congratulations, Miranda & Kyle!



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