Revamped Packaging!

One of my goals for this year when I refocused my branding (which included a fun redesign!) was to retune my packaging so that everything would be cohesive.  I had a lot of different directions I thought of going, and at times, I was even a bit overwhelmed by the number of possibilities!  But in the end, I decided to go with something simple, modern, but not TOO modern, and a little bit fun.  And now that I’ve completely redone my packaging, I have so much fun wrapping everything up and delivering it to clients.  It sort of feels like I get to play Santa on Christmas morning!

Here it is!

I found fun striped silver tissue paper online at a wrapping supply store, and the same for the glossy white Euro tote shopping bags.  Stickers are designed with my logo and are printed at Zazzle, and the white photo boxes are from HB Photo Packaging.

Each client’s order is different, so I get to experiment with packaging a little bit each time.  For this particular order, Brandi had chosen a package that included accordion mini books, so I wrapped them up in the tissue paper and tied it off with some grey and white baker’s twine I found on Etsy.

I also revamped all of my printed materials, including my thank you cards, photo print release that I include whenever someone purchases my digital collection, as well as a couple of other information cards that seniors receive when they book their session and I mail them a welcome packet (I’ll show you that soon!)

I’m in love with how everything turned out!



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