Putting Together Your Own Senior Style

Ever notice that a lot of senior photos look the same? Same locations or same poses? While some of this is to be expected since certain repeated poses are more flattering and specific locations might be easier to get to, free, or have the best light, the absolute worst thing in my opinion is when the overall look and style for a senior is just plain blah. I’m not sure when photographers started recommending that seniors always wear solid colors or long sleeves for their portraits, but I’d love to have a word about that! Because really, what is more boring than everyone going for the same ho-hum look?

So how do you break free from this and have a totally unique look for your senior portraits? Well, besides ditching the studios who continue to be stuck with this trend, you can take control of your own look. How? I’m going to tell you!

First, don’t be afraid to wear what YOU love. Whether it’s the current Aztec trend or glittery dresses or vintage threads, wear clothing that you absolutely LOVE. If you love the way you look and are comfortable with your style, it will totally shine through in your photos. But if you’re wearing something you are just kinda “eh” about, that will show too. So wear the style you love.

Second, make it a complete look. What I mean by this is that don’t stop at just a great shirt you love. Take it to the next level with a skirt and heals to match, and coordinate jewelry and accessories like jackets, scarves, or a hat.  For this urban graffiti look, she had on bootie heels, the hat, and the ripped jeans and faux leather jacket.  It worked so well!

Third, take it even further by coordinating your style with my stylist who will do your hair and make up. If you’re going for an urban glam look, then do the hair to match! If you want a boho or natural southwest look, then do lighter make up and a loose waterfall bread. Yes, big loose curls are popular and look good with everything, but if you want to be unique and really make your photos memorable and have a cohesive look, then try something that coordinates with the senior style you love.

Now that you’ve put together your style, it’s time for the fun to begin! We will shoot your style in an environment that completes the look. So even if your locations are the same as everyone else (something I try to avoid by scouting out new places all the time!) you will have a totally unique style and look that is all about YOU!



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