So You Want to Order a Print?

After your photo session, you’ll receive a link to your online viewing gallery of proofs, usually between 20-35 images, depending on the session.  For weddings, it’s closer to 250-300.  Once your online proof gallery is live, you have 7 days to order prints and products.  If you’d like suggestions for wall galleries or products, I’m more than happy to help!  In general, here are a few suggestions when choosing sizes, cropping, and finishes.

Choosing the best size
If you’re hoping to have a wall portrait or gallery, think big!  Generally, wall portraits and gallery wraps look a lot smaller once you put them above your mantel or on the wall.  Here’s an example of a 8×10 wall portrait above a sofa

Now, here’s the same sofa with a 16×20 wall portrait above it.

Doesn’t that look much better?

If you’re choosing multiple images for your gallery wall, then it gets a bit more complicated.  Again, if you’d like help putting together a gallery wall, please let me know.  I’ll help you with measurements, hanging – the whole bit!  And soon, I’ll have some examples posted here for you to see.


Now that you’ve got an idea about the general size, you need to pick dimensions, which usually means cropping.

Sizing, colors available, paper finishes



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