Tara & Ethan’s Ottumwa Wedding

It all began in robotics course.  He stole her seat.  Undeterred but the less than conventional start to a connection, a conversation ensued.  And as they say, the rest is history.  Years later, Tara and Ethan share more than just stories from the classroom.  They share a home (they just bought one!) and have nurtured a growing family.  Their sweet son, Josh, is the center of their life, and the way these two care for him is the most beautiful sight to behold!  

What I loved most about Tara & Ethan’s wedding was that it was really about their love and coming together to celebrate their new unity together.  Their wedding was classic, yet fun.  Small and quiet, yet full of personality and joy.  It uniquely captured their personalities as a couple, and I know it was exactly everything they dreamed it could be.  

Tara and Ethan, thank you for warmly welcoming me into your family as well!  Tara is sneaky and figured out I have a weakness for Coke and sour patch kids, and she showed up at their engagement session with both in hand for me. And what happened on their wedding day?  The same!  Plus, a delicious candy bar for my assistant.  Their thoughtfulness was such a blessing – thank you, Tara!

Their wedding was held in May and it was incredibly HOT.  So hot, that we tried our best to not go outside…it was oppressive.  
I think Tara looked like a Disney princess with her hair style – she was a gorgeous bride!
Ethan and their sweet little boy, Josh.  <3 
We had very limited options for where to do portraits and their first look, but this ONE tree was our saving grace.  I literally was giving thanks for this tree, because we would have all passed out without it!
My favorite moment…
On a whim, I asked Tara and Ethan to run up this hill.  I think they thought I was joking, but they humored me, and I actually LOVE how this turned out since they were laughing so hard trying to keep their balance!
We stepped outside for a few sunset portraits, and were SO glad that it was not nearly as hot, and we could wander a bit more.  Some of my favorites!
Tara had a photo of HER parents from their wedding day – and this, THIS is why you print your portraits!  I know that Tara will!  <3

Congratulations to Tara & Ethan – thank you SO much for allowing me to be part of your day!  I feel a tiny bit sad that we don’t have an excuse to chat regularly and swap wedding ideas, but I know we’ll keep in touch!



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