The New Look of Jennifer Weinman Photography!

I’m so SO excited to finally reveal the new website and brand for Jennifer Weinman Photography!  I can’t believe it’s finally here!  Ahhhhh!  This has been over a YEAR in the making, which is kind of hard to believe.  I was blessed to work with an amazing designer who was incredibly patient during both my maternity leave and move to Spain, so we had a few starts and stops along the way, yet here we are with a fresh look and a website that I absolutely LOVE!

You might be wondering why a new website AND a new brand.  Well, I have actually done my own logo, branding, and website design for the past 7 years.  Yep, yours truly would fiddle around in Photoshop and come up with something I thought looked okay, and then tweak various wordpress templates until it looked better.  But I was never 100% satisfied.  My previous look was fine, but it never felt cohesive, and I struggled to make it useable across all aspects of my business.  Plus, it wasn’t totally me.  Probably the most refreshing aspect of going through a rebranding process was really honing in on what kinds of people I want to work with and what I want my brand and my work to communicate to them.  It sounds simple, but it’s not!  That’s why there’s so many different kinds and styles of photography!  So taking the time to really focus in on those things was incredibly beneficial.

I spent a lot of time sifting through the last 8 years of my work, picking and choosing favorite photos and identifying some of my signature style.  It was fun to go down memory lane and revisit so many weddings and sessions – it was like reuniting with old friends!  There was also lots of time on Pinterest, of course, but most of my inspiration came from my own work and my sense of style.

In the end, I really wanted the look, feel, and experience of Jennifer Weinman Photography to exude a sense of joy, be a bit classic and a tiny bit preppy (because, let’s face it….that’s kind of who I am!  I did work at The Gap for many years in high school, after all…), but also have a little bit of an organic and natural feel with soft colors that blend well with the beautiful outdoor settings I often photograph.  It needed to work for both weddings and portraits, be a little bit feminine (since that really is more me!) but not so girly that guys would shy away.  It wasn’t easy!  But we eventually got to where we are, and I LOVE the new look so much!


I hope you’ll browse through the galleries, visit my wedding page to see the all new behind the scenes video featuring a REAL wedding, and check out the fun new about me page.  You can learn more about my senior and family portrait sessions, and you can even contact me directly from my website to book a session or get more info.  And definitely come back for a visit again since I will continue to post here on the blog regularly!



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