Allow us to fulfill your wishes for a lifetime of stunning portraiture that ensures your home is filled with joyful memories from your best day ever.

our philosophy


As your wedding photographer, the final culmination of our craft and your investment is the artwork piece in your home and the album passed down for generations.  

Your wedding photos will hang on your the walls of your home as a constant reminder of the people you treasure most and one of the most important days of your life.  


Your wedding album will preserve and tell the story of your love and your wedding day for years to come.

Tell your story

Our signature inclusion for every couple we work with is a beautiful heirloom book or wedding album.  All of our beautiful bound books include the first 20 pages.  Nearly every couple adds to this in order to tell the complete story of your wedding day. 

We also offer beautiful duplicate parent albums and engagement books.  

To find out more about all of our album options, please follow the link below. 


We offer a selection of beautiful wall art that is timeless and ready to hang in your home to be enjoyed for years to come!

Art for your home 

We are often asked by couples how they can plan for wall art pieces for their home, when they may move in the future or build a forever home later on.  

Rest assured, we have suggestions for you!

The Advantage of Wall Art Collections

Wall art collections that consist of more than one piece are a great option because they can be displayed separately in your home when you have less wall space, and grouped back together if your living situation changes.  

you'll always have a couch...and a bed.

It’s pretty much a guarantee that you will always have a bed in your home, and it will likely be placed along a wall.  Hanging wedding your favorite wedding photos over your bed will always be a possibility!  The same is typically true for couches as well.  If you can find room for a flat screen TV, a couch, and a bed, then you will always have a place for a showpiece canvas or framed art piece.



Wall art includes canvases and metals, ready for hanging. Add 30% for finished framing.

Large – 30″  |  $1400
Medium – 24″  |  $1000
Small – 20″  |  $800
X-Small – 16″ |  $600

X- Large

2 – 30×40 canvases
2 – 24×30 canvases



1 – 30×40 canvas
2 – 20×30 canvases



1 – 20×20 canvas
2 – 20×24 canvases


Wedding Artwork & Album Packages

If you wish to purchase artwork for your home AND add extra spreads to your album, our packages are perfect for you!


Includes our 4 piece art collection

50 additional album pages

two 6×6 duplicate parent albums

($7,300 value)


Includes our 3 piece art collection

30 additional album pages

($4,200 value)


Includes one 20×30 wall art piece

20 additional album pages




Duplicate Parent Albums


The petite version of your main wedding album, our duplicate mini parent albums are a popular gift to say thanks to your parents!

Bamboo blocks

Starting at $100 for minis
Starting at $400 for the wall

Beautiful luster or matte prints, mounted on thick bamboo panels.  Easy to display or hang on your wall.  Small sizes are perfect for on the desk, and large makes a lasting statement.



How does this process work?

Starting in 2020, we are meeting with each of our couples about 4 weeks after their wedding to finalize their wedding album and choose wall art for their home.  It’s like a bit party and celebration!  For those that are able, we meet at the JWP studio in Grinnell, IA.  This enables you to see album cover options in person, which is SO incredibly helpful!  For those who live out of state, we arrange a Zoom video chat to take care of everything.

When do we see our wedding images?

Following your wedding, you’ll be able to see a few sneak peek favorites on social media within a few days of your wedding.  We’ll make sure to schedule your album design premier within 4-6 weeks after your wedding, according to your schedule and preferences.  We schedule your image gallery release a few days prior to your design premier, for a day you and your new spouse (!) can sit down TOGETHER and enjoy reliving your wedding day.   It will be an amazing date night for you!  

What if we can’t decide on what we want?

Our main goal at your design premier is to finalize your album and wall art selection, so that you can head home knowing that you will have beautiful memories to display.  In order to help you with those decisions, we share as much information in advance to make things easier.  We also do a live design for YOUR walls in your home, so you can see exactly what your canvas or framed wall art will look like.  This takes away all the guesswork, and you can be confident in how amazing things will look!

Do we still get digital files?

Yes, absolutely.  Your digital files are your personal archive of your wedding photos, great for sharing online with the whole world!  We have found that unless couples work with us to choose an album and wall art, the majority of couples NEVER print their wedding photos.  Or maybe just one.  So this process is here to help ensure that this investment LASTS beyond one share on Facebook – you’re going to want to see your photos on your walls when you’re 80!  We promise!

How can our parents and family order small prints?

We have MANY parents who join us for the album premier so that they can design their own album as well!  Please feel free to include them in the process if they are interested.

Smaller prints and gift items are easily ordered through your online gallery, and they are shipped directly to whomever orders.  Our online gallery prices are competitive while still maintaining our standards of quality.  You won’t need to worry about downloading…then uploading elsewhere…struggling with a different company, and all of that.  Instead, we take care of it all for you in one place and make your life easier!  

What payment options are available?

We accept credit cards, check, cash, and Venmo.  We do offer a 6 month payment plan as well.  All sales are final, and products are delivered once final payments are made.

let's create memories

Please reach out if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment to create your own wedding album or wall art gallery!  Click below to send me an email!