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I’m so excited to share that we are searching for an associate photographer to join the JWP team for 2019 and beyond!  As JWP has grown and changed, we are greatly enjoying working with many couples throughout Iowa!  For myself, I’ve decided that for 2019 and beyond, as the owner and lead photographer for JWP, I will be only taking on between 10-12 weddings annually.  That’s quite significantly less than 2017 and 2018 when I photographed over 20 weddings both years.  However, we don’t want to say no to couples who love JWP and want to be part of the experience!  And so, we are looking to hire an associate photographer who can work within JWP to bless our couples with amazing wedding day photography!

There’s so much to share about the JWP program, but I am SO excited for this opportunity!  I actually love mentoring, teaching, and leading others, so I can’t wait to get to know the person who will be our new associate and have them work alongside me!

Here’s a bit more information, and PLEASE share this if you know someone who might be interested!  We are not in a rush to hire and truly are looking for the right person who will be the best fit for the long run (and we do hope this is something that can continue as long as it is a good fit)!  One thing that may trip some people up is experience or technical photographic knowledge, and so I want to speak to that first — we of course would love for someone who has a rich portfolio of great work, however, I have learned that all of that can be taught!  What is much harder to teach is the “soft skills” of client interaction, personal warmth, etc.  We truly want someone who feels at home with our team, and we are more than willing to train someone from the ground up so that you are a confident photographer!


What we are looking for:

Someone who has a natural eye, gift, and passion for wedding photography
Someone who is organized
Someone who is friendly, personable, and gets along well with a variety of people from all walks of life
A great work ethic is super important to us, as well as someone who loves to learn, can work and problem solve independently, and is very responsible
Someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and contribute to our team
Someone who is familiar with Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
A working knowledge of a camera & shooting in manual (Not required, but helpful!  We will train you!)
Someone who loves delicious food, travel, and chatting about 90s TV shows and romantic comedies
Being a good writer is a bonus, as you’ll be contributing to the blog occasionally
Someone who values communication, feedback, and growth (personally and professionally)
It is a bonus if you already have experience shooting weddings, but it is not necessary to apply for this position

Things you can expect from us, if you end up joining our team:

How to become a successful wedding photographer
Social media basics
How to interact with clients and leave a great impression
Vendor relationships & networking
What it takes to make weddings, sessions, and editorial/styled shoots successful
Regular feedback, critique, and encouragement

Important info:

This will be a position that is compatible with another part time or full time job.
This position does not include in-studio / office work at this time, but it will require that you be available on Saturdays (for weddings) and in the evenings (for sessions), at big team events, and regular team meetings.  It also does require a reliable internet connection.
You do not need to own your own photography equipment, but if you already do, that is a big bonus.
We are looking for the right fit for our team, and so this process will remain open until we find that perfect fit!
We will be training you to have the “JWP look,” while drawing out your personal style as a photographer. We believe that the photographer’s creative eye is unique, but we also definitely have a look that our couples expect.  Keep in mind that we are ultimately looking for someone who is excited to learn and grow in the JWP style and team environment!
If you love taking photos, but hate the business side of photography, you could be the perfect fit!
If you have carefully read all of the above and would still like to apply, we would LOVE for you to do so!


If you have any questions, please contact me directly at info@jenniferweinmanphotography.com and I’d be happy to answer your questions!  At the moment, our deadline is November 14th, however we will take our time to make sure we find the right person and extend the deadline if necessary!


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