Consultations Demystified!

I’ve had clients ask me, “Why do I need to have a consultation before my session/wedding?”  or “What happens at a consultation?”  Well, today you’ll get your answer!

First, why do I need a consultation before my session or wedding? I offer consultations to all my clients as a good-faith measure to ensure that you are familiar with my style of photography, what boutique products are available to order, and how the process works.  It gives the client an opportunity to get to know me personally, and it gives me the chance to understand your vision for your session or wedding.  I offer consultations to ALL brides and grooms before you even book.  Your consultation does not obligate you to book me for your wedding, though I’d of course love you if you did!  For portrait sessions, I offer pre-session consultations for booked clients only.

Second, what happens at a consultation? The answer to this question depends on if your consultation is for a wedding, or a portrait session.  Thus, I’ve divided my answer into two sections.

Wedding Consultations
You’ll view a slideshow of images, a complete sample wedding album, and a few boutique products that you might be interested.  You’ll have a chance to share about you and your fiance (how you met, how you got engaged, the whole story!), your wedding day, and any other tidbits you’re excited to share.  I’ll give you a gift that will include some tips, information about my wedding photography packages, and other useful goodies.  You’ll have a chance to ask questions, and then we’re done!

Pre-session Portrait Consultation
Many clients choose to bring clothing to their pre-session consultation, and I will help the client put together outfits or make accessory suggestions.  This is helpful for seniors, but also families and kids when you need to figure out how to coordinate multiple people without just defaulting to the white shirt with jeans look.

At this point, you have already booked your session and given me a bit of information through the online client information questionnaire.  The first thing we’ll do is go back over some of this to make sure it’s all accurate.  I’ll then ask you a few questions about your vision for your session, such as style, quality of light, and why it’s important to you to capture this moment in your families life.  We’ll discuss locations, clothing, and I’ll make a few suggestions for you.  You’ll have the opportunity to view samples, pricing for collections, and ask any questions you may have.  For clients who might be nervous about having their portrait taken, this is a great opportunity to put your worries to rest!

Most consultations last about 30-45 minutes, and usually they are quite fun and informative.  I enjoy them greatly, and I find that most clients do as well.

So there you have it – the consultation is de-mystified for you, and now you now why it’s important, and what to expect!



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