Grinnell High School Senior: Jessa

Back in August, I spent a day with Jessa down in Montezuma near Diamond Lake and in downtown Monte.  We had the most gorgeous weather and the locations she picked out worked so well.  I loved the mix of natural/organic and urban we were able to get with her session, all within a short drive of Montezuma.  Here’s a few more from that day – Jessa, I hope you have an awesome senior year!

Jessa’s sister Addie came along for the session – I had to include this hilarious “outtake” 🙂

Jessa is a swimmer, and even though we didn’t do any pool shots, specifically requested we have a shot by the water.  Promise delivered!

Addie was also a huge help in making the previous shot happened – you were a rockin’ assistant, working that reflector in the water!  Thanks for your help!

Still my absolute favorite.

Remember how I said Jessa found the best locations?  This brick wall was SO cool!  It had a giant hole knocked out, and lots of old exposed brick.

Have an awesome year, Jessa!




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