Coffee Table Books

Introducing the Coffee Table Book! The Coffee Table Book is a hard cover book available in a variety of sizes.  The book shown here is an 8×8 with twenty pages. Pages are hinged at the spine, allowing the book to lay flat. Pages are printed on heavy paper.  Page finishes available are smooth, shown here, […]

Sneak Peek: Lucas

Like I mentioned yesterday, I had a chance to photograph my adorable niece and nephew last week while they were in town for a visit.  My nephew Lucas is six years old, and definitely shows it!  He’s missing two front teeth and wanted nothing more than to “ruin” pictures with monster faces and ridiculous grins. […]

Grandma Shirley’s Parasol

I was able to spend some time with my adorable niece and nephew this week, and we did a photo session.  On a whim, I brought this beautiful red parasol that belonged to my grandmother, whom I call Nana.  It seemed to suit Haley well, and she LOVED holding it.  I believe the parasol is […]

Bump: Megan & Jake

He makes her laugh.  So hard that she had tears in her eyes.  And so did I.    Jake, is truly the most hilarious guy.  Everyone in town seems to know him, but I bet not everyone really knows him, ya know?  I felt like during the brief time I photographed him and Megan, I […]


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