Covid-Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Summer


March 31, 2021

If you’re between the ages of 20 and 35, chances are high that you’ve attended a virtual bachelorette party (or Bridal shower for that matter) in the last year. And while they are absolutely the safest alternative to an in-person celebration, it’s understandable that there would be some fatigue involved in another zoom party. We want to help you brainstorm some ways to still have your bachelorette party be fun and exciting, while also keeping your bridesmaids and friends safe and healthy! Here are some alternatives that may be worth a try! 

A Lake Day 

Anything that you’re able to do outside will ultimately be safer than anything inside! Studies have shown that the chances of catching Covid drop drastically if you’re outdoors and have moving air to blow the virus away! And a lake day is the perfect summer celebration to honor your last few days as a single lady! Buy some cute floaties, pack a cooler of hard seltzers, and buy that cute white swimsuit that says Bride on it! It’s also incredibly easy to pack a charcuterie board in a cooler by using ziploc bags to keep all of the foods separate until you’re at the beach or on a boat and can put the board together. All in all, a bachelorette party at the lake, either on a boat or on the beach, is going to be a fun and memorable day! 

A Drive-Through Party With a Twist 

Some of you may read the heading about a drive-through party and feel a similar sense of fatigue after having attended many drive up events in the last year. But, I want to offer some options to mix it up and add back some of the newness of these types of parties! Instead of having your guests get out just to give you a gift and maybe share a snack, have a fun activity going on that people can partake in while they are there. One of my friends recently had a drive-up birthday party where the guests got out and did a karaoke song with the birthday girl! The microphones can be placed 6 feet apart and sanitized in between people making it safe for your guests to partake in something fun with you! Or maybe they’re getting out and playing a quick game with you, or maybe there’s an easy and fast DIY project that your guests can do with you, or maybe they come with a story or advice to share. Whatever it is, find something that make this event safe and fun and something that people look forward to! I would also recommend having the driveway or front yard decorated for the occasion! Maybe you’ll even want a tent to stand under if it’s going to be rainy or really warm that day! 

A Picnic 

Again, events where you can be outside are going to be safer for you and your girls! A picnic is a great way to gather together while staying a safe distance away. If you want to make it even safer, have everyone pack their own meals and bring their own blanket to sit on. Or if you’re feeling okay about sharing food you could make it a potluck! Everyone could bring a part of the meal to share with the group and you can have a wider variety of foods. Another cute twist on this would be to have the picnic be themed! Maybe instead of a part of the meal, everyone brings a drink to share with the crew. Or you could do only desserts to share, because who doesn’t love that?! You could also turn it into a contest and everyone prepares the Bride’s favorite food, drink, or dessert and she does a blind taste test and determines who made the best one! There are a lot of ways to make this a fun and memorable picnic! 

Camping Trip 

I know that camping isn’t for everyone, but for some brides and her bridesmaids, this might be a really fun and intriguing alternative to a traditional bachelorette party weekend. If you know you’re wanting to have your party be an overnight trip but want it to be done cautiously, camping is a great option! You can use individual tents and keep a healthy distance while you’re hanging out by a campfire or in lawn chairs. It may not be the most glamorous party, but it will definitely be a bachelorette party to remember! 

Grill Out 

Similar to picnicking, grilling out in someone’s backyard is such a fun way to still be together, share a meal, and stay a safe distance away from each other. Not to mention it’s incredibly cost effective compared to going out to dinner with all of your ladies! Bonus points if this grill out can also occur in someone’s yard who also has a pool or hot tub! Nothing completes a bachelorette party like a pool party or hot tub to end the party. This laid back night will most likely be incredibly refreshing compared to the rest of the wedding planning process! 

Tie – Dying Clothing 

I know that the idea of this is probably giving you middle school birthday party flashbacks. But, as I’m sure you’ve seen, 2020 really brought back the trend of tie dye sweat suits! They’re super easy to make and incredibly comfortable. You could either do the traditional tie-dye kits, or you can use bleach to give it a more trendy feel! All you need is fruit of the loom sweatshirts and sweatpants (Wal-Mart has them for cheap!) and bleach. Just put one part bleach to one part water and spray it on the bunched up sweats (don’t forget the gloves). After it’s sprayed to your liking, you toss it in the laundry and once it’s been washed and dried you’ll have your finished product! They may even turn out cute enough that you’d want to wear them for your getting ready pictures on the morning of your wedding! 

These are just some ideas, but of course there is a whole world of things that you could do outside and safely distanced from one another! I also would argue that it would be really cute to have pictures of all of these different events! I know I’m biased, but having a photographer present would be something that you wouldn’t regret. Bachelorette party photos are a laid back way to get photos with your crew of ladies before the big day! And it’s always a good idea to commemorate your last few days as a single woman! 

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