Patrick & Leah: Amherst & Northampton Wedding

At long last, I can finally share photos from Patrick & Leah’s beautiful wedding in Massachusetts!  This particular wedding was a joy to photograph because I’ve been friends with Patrick for about ten years, and he just the greatest guy.  He’s one of those guys that everyone knows, but only a few really get to know well.  It took a number of years for Patrick and I to really “get” each other (ya know, in that “I know what you’re talking about” kind of way?) but now, I’d consider him a close friend.  In college, I always got a kick out of the fact that Patrick was a star athlete (a sprinter, running back, and a qualifier for the Olympic skeleton team, with barely any training!), yet a theater and dance major.  And a good one at that!  Over the years we’ve been friends, I knew Patrick would end up with a caring and loving woman, someone with the same exuberance and energy for life as him, willing to try crazy things and support Patrick in his dreams.  He needed a woman like that, or he’d be totally defeated.  Squelched.

When I lived in Massachusetts, Patrick and I worked together for a season with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and during that time, he met Leah.  At the time, they couldn’t be more than friends (he was a staff, she was a student), but she felt something.  But she kept it to herself.  Years later, after both of them had been through a few relationships, both having been engaged and yet living through the heartbreak of a canceled wedding, something happened.  It all just clicked.  When you see the two of them together, their eyes sparkle, and they are simply overjoyed.  Not just because they have each other and that’s enough.  No, their joy and elation that is so effervescent is because their relationship is built on something more – their devotion to the Lord.

Patrick and Leah, you two are blessed to have found each other, and I pray that God richly blesses your marriage, always reminding you of the beautiful foundation it’s built it upon.  Thank you for allowing me to photograph your day – it was an honor!

Their wedding ceremony was held at Mercy House, in Amherst.  I’m always looking for creative spots for dress shots, and this side door worked perfectly!

Not one, but TWO pairs of shoes.  Leah is a woman after my shoe-loving heart.

We were running a bit behind schedule for this morning wedding, but I still managed to sneak a few photos of the guys getting ready…

I love how much joy is in this picture!

It’s official!

Since Patrick and Leah had a morning wedding and opted not to see each other before the ceremony, we  stopped by Bramble Hill Farm just south of Amherst for some bridal party photos.  See the little gaggle of ducklings in the pond back there?  🙂

Their reception was held at Northampton Center for the Arts.  I wish there were more spaces like this in Iowa!  Beautiful tall ceilings with tons of windows.  Loved it!

A shout out to my second-shooter for the day, Kari.  Thanks for all of your help – you were invaluable!

This next series of photos warrants some explanation.  Several years ago, a number of people from Patrick & Leah’s church celebrated their pastor’s birthday with a surprise 80s themed party.  Little did he know that a number of the guests had been practicing moves to Michael Jackson’s epic Thriller music video for weeks, only to give a surprise performance at the party.  Well, we were treated to yet another performance at Patrick & Leah’s reception, flash mob style!  I was roaming the dance floor snapping photos, when all of the sudden….this happened:

After their fun and lively reception, we headed to Look Park in Northampton for some photos of just Patrick & Leah.  I have to say, I am now a BIG fan of morning weddings for this very reason – a luxurious amount of time for couple’s photos, and no pressure to get somewhere anytime soon!
Leah, you are such a gorgeous bride!

My fav 🙂

Congratulations to you both, and I can’t wait to see you again in the spring!



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