Brittany: Grinnell Senior

When I first booked Brittany’s session for mid-November, I was only a tiny bit concerned about weather. I’ve done winter shoots before and photographed seniors in November, and on occasion it’s been cold or snowy, but I’ve also had sessions in November that have been warm and balmy. It was definitely a gamble! Then, the week of Brittany’s shoot, it was SO COLD. Like, middle of January kind of cold. The kind that chills you to the bone. I was so concerned that she would be miserable and that we should consider rescheduling, but most likely, the chances of it being warmer any time soon were pretty slim. I gave her a call that morning, it was maybe 20 degrees outside (plus windchill!), and we chatted for a bit. Brittany was going to go for it! I really wasn’t sure if it was the best idea, so I asked again. I mean, who wants senior photos on the coldest day of the month in NOVEMBER!?! But she said yes, she was sure.

So…here, my friends, is the COLDEST senior session I’ve ever done. Looking at the photos, you’d never know she was shivering non stop and her hands were red and cold. Brittany was a total pro and just made it work! We did take a few breaks to warm up in cars and inside, because let’s be honest, even though I was totally bundled up, I got cold too! But it was worth it. One of my favorite sessions this year! Many thanks to Megan Cooper for hair and make up – Brittany looked flawless!

grinnell winter senior shoot_0067.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0069.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0071.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0070.jpg

My two favorites!
grinnell winter senior shoot_0066.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0063.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0064.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0065.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0075.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0068.jpg

Sadly, this was the last time I’ll be able to use this particular location. It’s being demolished as we speak and renovated. Perhaps a little bit of the grunge will be around if we’re lucky, but I know that galvanized door is gone 🙁 Just means we get to find new awesome places to shoot!
grinnell winter senior shoot_0074.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0072.jpg

grinnell winter senior shoot_0073.jpg



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