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When you are thinking about your wedding day, there is a LOT to keep in mind!  One thing that we find incredibly helpful is to give our brides a list of a few items that we like for them to have prepared for us in their getting ready room when we arrive.  We affectionately call this “The Detail Time” and having all of these details ready for us as soon as we arrive saves us time, and also saves you from running around trying to gather things for us right in the middle of getting your hair and makeup finished.  Before I get into why this is important, let’s talk about the what – what details do you need?

 You may be asking “what in the world are detail photos?” These are the photos that help tell the story of your big day, and bring together all of the little pieces into a collage of memories and treasures.  Detail photos showcase the theme, style, and personality of your day.  Whether you have a feminine look, bohemian, or more modern, your details are important to your story!

Wedding detail photos

Some items that we recommend gathering before we arrive are:

  • Rings (bride’s engagement and wedding ring, groom’s wedding ring, any heirloom rings)

  • Wedding dress (make sure you clip off all the tags!)
  • Wooden hanger
  • Jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair pieces, etc)

  • Stationary suite (Save the Date, RSVP card, envelope, invitation, wedding program – we recommend 2 copies of everything)

  • Vows/letters

  • Flowers (typically a boutonniere or two or some single stems, and the bride’s bouquet work well)

  • Perfume

  • Garter

  • Bride’s shoes

  • Veil

  • Anything that is unique, special, and helps tell your love story! In the past for couples, we have seen wooden shoes, wedding favors, a Bible with your wedding verse highlighted, etc.

behind the scenes styling wedding detail photos

Having these items gathered together in a bag or small box makes sure that you aren’t scrambling for them the morning of, and that you know exactly where they are at all times – especially important for the jewelry!  We like to get these shots in a flat spot near natural light if possible, so sometimes we end up in a completely different space than you might be getting ready.  I’ve been known to move items to a front porch or side rooms at venues – anything for perfect light!  Knowing this ahead of time, having everything ready and easily in a box or something similar makes it a bit easier to transport if necessary.

You might be curious why we put so much emphasis on details and documenting these objects on your wedding day.  For many couples, they spend quite a bit of tie coordinating and planning both the big and small aspects of their wedding day, and this means the details reflect their personalities, interests, and their relationship.  They really are part of the story of your wedding day!  We particularly love when heirloom details are involved, like a the bride’s mom’s wedding ring or a note from a grandparent.  These special items are personally meaningful and we want to include them when we document the details of your day!

Wedding getting ready and detail photos with ring dish and florals at Ashton hill farm


dusty blue mrs ring box and wedding invitationsbridal details to prepare for your wedding photographerthe de lux hotel Des Moinesdes moines temple for performing arts wedding details

We are often asked what detail and getting ready photos can look like when taken at a bride’s home, and this is one of our favorite examples.  It really incorporates her family and her childhood home in a personal way!

close up photo of bride and grooms wedding ringsheirloom wedding day details bridal details to prepare for your wedding photographer



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