Confidence in Telling the Story

I’m truly flattered and humbled by all of the comments on my submission to the I Heart Faces competition.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  Being at the beginning of launching (or potentially launching) my business, there’s a great deal of uncertainty and sometimes my confidence is low.  There’s always that question lingering in the back of my mind – what if I’m the only one who thinks this is good? It’s haunting, really.

But I think there’s always a certain amount of uncertainty with photography.  With art in general.  It’s just such an objective medium.  What I love, another person could hate with a passion.  I really hope this doesn’t happen very often, otherwise I’m in trouble.

Obviously my aim as a photographer is to capture a moment, but it’s also to tell a story.  Yes, it is the story of the people, the “characters”, but it is also the story that I see in that moment when I click the button.  It’s my interpretation of that moment, so in a way it’s also my story, it’s my vision.  And so deep down, that image is in a very tiny way, a part of who I am and reveals what I see, what I value, and what I love.

This is why the words and encouragement of viewers and clients mean so much to me – because, in a kind of round about way, you say that you love the same things I love, and that my vision of that moment resonates with you.  And the story I tell, the vision that resonates, probably is a different story to you altogether than the one I started with- that’s the beauty of it.  You know what they say, right?  A picture…A thousand words…



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