Sneak Peek: Lily

Just two from last nights beautiful senior portrait session with Lily.  We started out with some soft afternoon light to get a more natural look – Lily, you look gorgeous!

Then, after plan #1 failed (we were hoping for some pretty fall leaves at one of my favorite spots, but sadly, there wasn’t much to be found), we headed into town and did something I have been DIEING to do for so long – some edgy fashion-inspired night shots!

For those curious about how this shot worked, it was about 5 PM and fairly dark outside.  I set my flash with a wireless trigger about 5 feet behind Lily flat on the ground, and framed the shot so that she was backlit and standing in front of it.  I bumped up my ISO so that it wouldn’t be a silhouette, and fired away.  That’s it!  Pretty straightforward.

Lily, not only do you have awesome style, you looked fabulous.  I can’t wait for you to see the rest!



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